Kick-Off Workshop

The postdoctoral phase is decisive for the further course of one's own scientific career and stands in the constant field of tension between dependent employment, scientific independence and scarce job resources. Scientists are confronted with numerous challenges on the path to become eligible for professorship: independent publication activities, the acquisition of third-party funding and the implementation of independent research work, the development of a teaching portfolio, participation in scientific communication and the establishment of an own network of colleagues and cooperation partners as well as stays abroad. This often raise the following question: To which time are what tasks particularly important? What is of highest priority? What is the appropriate timeframe and how can it be reconciled with my private objectives? How important is a habilitation? Does a scientific career suits me, my strengths and my personal wishes or are other career paths more attractive for me?
In the workshop, the participants will critical review their current situation and reflect on their own current position. In addition goals and important steps towards one's own success are derived.

Coach: Dieta Kuchenbrandt

Language: German
Number of participants: 13
Date: March 12th, 2019, 9 am - 5 pm