Group coaching

Coaching is an approach to counseling, in which questions regarding your professional role can be worked on in a solution and goal oriented matter. Typically, this happens in a one-on-one setting between coach and coachee. Within group coaching the entire group is involved in the counseling process.
You will meet three times during the program for 3.5 hours each. It will be an open space for your matters which the Coach will moderate. Due to their expertise the focus will be on personality development and how to use it for your progress as a researcher, leader and lecturer. For the process they will offer you according coaching methods, such as collegial feedback, a moderated discussion, role play, strategic analysis, or working with creative media. In addition, they will prepare input material to central themes for you.

Possible topics are:

  • Self-management: How to deal with the complex challenges of daily life without losing a good connection with yourself
  • Planning: To keep your objectives in view and set useful priorities
  • Communication: How to deal with difficult situations and conflicts
  • Strengthening the network: Using the feedback, knowledge and experiences of the other group members for your issues.

Group 1:
Coach: Franziska Jantzen
Franziska Jantzen is counselor for organization and coach with focus in science since 2000. From 1992 to 1999 she worked at the Universität of Bremen. She is a fully trained lawyer and has studied in Bremen and at the Rutger's Law School, Newark (USA). Furthermore she has completed trainings in management coaching (Core Dynamik Institute GmbH), Organization counseling (Volkswagen Coaching GmbH & IHK Berlin), Career coaching (FH Hannover), Process- and Embodiment focused Psychology – PEP (Dr. M. Bohne, Hannover), Coaching Across Cultures (Phil Rosinski, Belgien) and Performance coaching (Dr. M. Bohne, Hannover).

Language: German
Number of participants: 6-7
Dates:Dates and time: 03.04., 26.6., 12.9. and 05.11.2019, 9.30am – 1 pm

Group 2:
Coach: Sabine Mariß
Sabine Mariss, Göttingen, studied social pedagogy at the University of Bremen. She is a certified voice trainer (Lichtenberger Institute, Darmstadt), a presentation trainer, a certified communication trainer (“Nonviolent communication”, after Marshall Rosenberg) and a mediator (Brückenschlag, Lüneburg). For more than 10 years she is working as a freelancer in Universities – e.g. Göttingen, Hannover and Kassel – as well as in different enterprises, giving presentation and communication workshops and coaching. In her work she is inviting her participants to discover and use their own strengths and evolve more and more to an authentic and confident person.

Language: English
Number of participants: 6-7
Dates: 29.04. and 03.09.2019, 1.30pm-5pm, 25.06. and 23.10.2019, 10am – 1.30pm