Erasmus Mundus MA Euroculture:
Society, politics and culture in a global context

Career & Alumni

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the Erasmus Mundus Master's Programme Euroculture, students work in a huge variety of sectors upon graduation. A number of our students have also undertaken further studies, mostly on the doctorate level.

The Euroculture alumni survey held in 2011 among several hundred graduates of the programme confirmed the good eployability of Euroculture graduates. In the database, out of 595 alumni, the inforation of 329 alumni was processed (55%). The research shows that alumni of the programme have the background and skills to find employment in the relevant sectors and functions that the programme is aiming for.

"Euroculture has broadened my career options significantly compared to a traditional degree program. I highly recommend the Euroculture program to anyone looking to build the foundational competencies so highly valued in both the private and public sectors today."
Salina-Lorine Lee, Euroculture Graduate and Ambassador

Laura Leiß, a Euroculture student from 2012-2014, was interviewed for the (online) magazine, a portal of the Federal Employment Agency. Laura talks about her application for Euroculture, her experience with the Euroculture program and her plans for the future. Read the full article here: 'Zwischen Strassbourg und Mexiko-Stadt' (p.20)