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Master of Arts: Prezi Walkthrough

If you'd like a visualisation of what our MA degree programmes have to offer, visit the Prezi at this page. If you prefer the textual approach, look through the files below.

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Single Honours Master of Arts: Programme Outlines

Single Honours/Joint Honours Master of Arts: Information Material

Master of Education: Teaching at Secondary Schools

Master of Business and Human Resource Education: Teaching at Vocational Schools

The Master programme in Business and Human Resource Education offered by the Faculty of Economic Science aims at educating teachers at vocational schools and secondary schools with a focus on economic subjects. English is only a minor subject in the degree programme; students collect only a total of 70 credits for English modules in their BA and Master's degree programmes, so they largely follow the BA module structure for English. Further information on the degree programme can be accessed here. For information on the English modules, please visit our BA programme website; there is no separate information brochure.