Faculty of Economic Sciences
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Dean of studies
Prof. Dr. Gerhard Rübel
Chair of International and Monetary Economics
Faculty of Economic Sciences
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Platz der Göttinger Sieben 3
37073 Göttingen
Tel. +49 (0)551 / 39-7297

Administration of Tuition Fees
Dennie Oertel, M.A. Int. Econ.
Faculty of Economic Sciences
Georg-August-Universität Göttingen
Platz der Göttinger Sieben 3
Room: 2.129 (Oeconomicum, second floor)
37073 Göttingen
Phone +49 (0)551 / 39-10908

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Additional information

Information for lecturers

Information on tuition fee usage at the Faculty of Economic Sciences

table-layout Improvements in studying and teaching
Since the 2007 summer semester, all students have been required to pay tuition fees in the amount of 500 Euro per semester. This amounts to approximately 14 million Euro per year for the improvement of studying and quality of teaching. Half of the fees are used for central projects. The other half goes directly to the individual faculties. Detailed information is found in the below graph, "Decentralized Tuition Fees: Intake and Use".

Decentralized Tuition Fees: Intake and Use

Grafik Verwendung Studienbeiträge WS 2013-14 400px

Please click on the graphic for a larger version

Students have a voice
Students have an equal say on the allocation of the additional funds. The boards determining the use of these funds are therefore composed of student representatives. The decision-making process from the suggestion stage to the possible implementation stage of a proposal is shown in the graphic "Decentralized Tuition Fees: Decision-Making Process“.

Ideas and suggestions for new proposals
Suggestions for the use of tuition fees may be submitted by every faculty member, including students, teachers, and administrative staff. Please use the online form (see right hand column) to submit your suggestion. Students may also provide their suggestions to the departmental student organisation.

What has improved at the Faculty?
Within the framework of decentralized use, tuition fees at the Faculty of Economic Sciences are used in many different ways to improve teaching and supervision of students. Individual measures that have taken place thus far fall under the following nine categories (for more information, please click on the respective bullet-point):

  • Expansion of the tutorials
  • Additional courses
  • Enhanced technical equipment
  • Practical application
  • Enhanced student support and conditions of study
  • Training for lecturers
  • Incentive systems
  • Other