INDIGU - Integration and Diversity at Goettingen University

International Certificate

The International Certificate is an extra-curricular programme of Göttingen University to honour international experience and intercultural competence as well as commitment in supporting international students with a personal certificate.

Objectives of the Certificate

  • promotion of the integration of foreign students
  • promotion of intercultural competencies
  • intensification and professionalization of the preparation and evaluation of studies abroad
  • more active participation of German and foreign students in supporting international students
  • recognition of commitment in connection with integration measures on the part of both German and foreign students

To obtain the certificate you have to participate in the follwoing two components
  A. Intercultural Training
  B. Intercultural involvement/international events

You have to choose one training out of A. Either one out of the key area "Mobility" or the key area "Integration & Diverstiy" (see "Overview International Certificate on the right side). In B 18 Internationalisation Points (IP) have to be collected out of a minimum of two different activities.

The Certificates can be completed over any number of semesters within the total period of study.