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The logo of the University of Göttingen

General information on the logo
The logo is comprised of the picture element with the capital letters G and A as well as the founding year 1737 and the writing 'Georg-August-Universität Göttingen'. The logo can be used in grey scale or in colour (blue-black). The blue is specified and is the traditional colour of the University. The graphics below show which arrangement and colour variations are allowed.

Technical data
The digitalized logo is in jpg format with a resolution of 600 dpi rgb colour mode. It is suitable for design purposes, can be used in Microsoft Word or PowerPoint for example and is compatible with non-postscript printers. With photo editing programmes like Photoshop other file formats such as tif can be created. The logo must not be distorted during processing. The graphics must also not be further compressed.

Further use of the logo
If the logo is to be used for extensive graphic work or for printing publications at an external printer please contact the Press and Public Relations Office. They are responsible for the implementation of the corporation design of the University. They provide information on design guidelines, offer design and support the realisation of printing projects. If required, they will provide the logo in the required formats and resolution.

Legal notes
The logo is only intended for academic purposes. Any other use must be coordinated with the Press and Public Relations Office.

Technical note
Before downloading the logo onto your computer, please click with the left mouse button on the small logo graphics below. You should save the logo on your computer only after the logo has appeared in the desired high resolution.

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Uni Logo Vorschau Farbe
University logo, colour, RGB colour mode(for Webpages)

Uni Logo Vorschau Farbe
University logo, colour, CMYK colour mode (for Print)

Uni Logo Vorschau Graustufen
University logo, black-white

Uni Logo Vorschau Farbe
University logo, colour with transparent background

University logo, white with transparent background

Uni Logo Vorschau Farbe
University logo, vector data file