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Further Events

Improved veterinary service for livestock is significant for leopard conservation


In the surroundings of wildlife conservation areas, human-wildlife conflicts over livestock predation are common. One example is the Golestan National Park in Iran. It retains the largest single population of the globally endangered Persian leopard. In all 34 villages around the national park a research team led by Goettingen scientists studied the main determinants of livestock predation. more...

International students as lodgers


Come winter semester 2015/16, the University of Göttingen will again be welcoming a multitude of international exchange students to the "city that creates knowledge". Their start in a new city – not to mention in a new country – is not always easy. Accommodation plays a key role for them to get settled in and feel at home. more...

New mechanism for regulation of plastic phases in brain development


Scientists from Göttingen University discovered a new mechanism to control time windows of high adaptability in the brain: a signaling scaffold of the postsynapse governs the duration of critical periods in early brain development. Published in the renowned American journal PNAS. more...

Coimbra Group restructuring

The Coimbra Group, a European network of 40 full-subject universities, is restructuring. At the Annual Conference in Istanbul this week, the members of the General Assembly have resolved a fundamental restructuring of the network along with new thematic alignment of its working groups. Göttingen University was represented at the Assembly by a five-member delegation. more...