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For further information see the German-language: Calendar of Events.

Further Events

International students as lodgers


Come winter semester 2015/16, the University of Göttingen will again be welcoming a multitude of international exchange students to the "city that creates knowledge". Their start in a new city – not to mention in a new country – is not always easy. Accommodation plays a key role for them to get settled in and feel at home. more...

New mechanism for regulation of plastic phases in brain development


Scientists from Göttingen University discovered a new mechanism to control time windows of high adaptability in the brain: a signaling scaffold of the postsynapse governs the duration of critical periods in early brain development. Published in the renowned American journal PNAS. more...

One important step towards a diversity-minded corporate culture


The University of Göttingen is signatory to the "Charter of Diversity". At a satellite event accompanying Germany’s Third Diversity Day in the Great Hall (Aula) at Wilhelmsplatz, University President Professor Ulrike Beisiegel has today put her signature to the Charter. The University thereby commits itself to create a working environment that is free of prejudice. more...

Schrödinger´s cat in an electron microscope

The term “Schrödinger's cat” illustrates the fundamental principle that, in quantum mechanics, a system can exist simultaneously in two mutually exclusive states. Scientists at the University of Göttingen recently developed a new approach to generate a pure superposition of free electron states. more...