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Further Events

Research under political pressure


In January 2016, Göttingen University became a member in the “Scholars at Risk" network. “Scholars at Risk” is a worldwide coalition of more than 400 higher education associations in a total of 39 countries which supports researchers, scientists and scholars who are threatened, persecuted or put under political pressure because of their words, ideas and research. more...

More than mere English proficiency and foreign experience


Lectures by experts from all over the world broadcast online and intensified interactions between local and foreign cultures: Göttingen University has initiated a systematic internationalisation of its teaching curricula. In January 2016, the pilot project, funded with 83.000 Euro from the Ministry for Science and Culture of Lower Saxony, moved into its implementation phase at three of the faculties. more...

Interplay between electrical charges and light


As part of their miniaturisation process, many of today's electronic components have already reached the nanometre size. A research team at Göttingen University has modelled a system that enables characterisation of the dynamics of single charge carriers within these electronic structures at molecular resolution. more...

Agricultural transitions in rural-urban spaces

How are agricultural, ecological and social systems changing under the influence of growing (mega-)cities? This overarching question will be examined by the Research Unit FOR 2432, which the German Research Foundation (DFG) has established at the universities of Kassel and Göttingen. more...