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"Studdy buddies" of the Faculty

The InDiGU project
The InDiGU project (Integration and Diversity at the University of Göttingen) focuses on promoting exchange between German and international students within the framework of so-called "studdy buddies" ("Fachpartnerschaften"). This aims to support the integration of international students in Göttingen on the one hand, and promote intercultural competence of German students on the other. Students participating in study buddies can acquire an "Certificate Internationales"“ as an extra-curricular offer of the University of Göttingen. No credits are given for this. For further information, please visit the project website (see right).

What are "studdy buddies"?
"Studdy buddies" are part of the InDiGU project, that is offered in cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Its aim is to promote the exchange between students from abroad and German students at the University of Göttingen.

How do the "Fachpartnerschaften" work?
Within the framework of "studdy buddies", tandems are formed between a German student and an international student (preferably from the same programme and length of study). They can then exchange information and experiences with each other regarding studies when questions or problems arise. In addition to study topics, a social exchange takes place; this is promoted by get-togethers at regular intervals at which all participants come together for different events (e.g. coffee hour, going to a pub, dance night, movie night, excursions to German companies, etc.).

Who can participate?
Every student of the Faculty of Economic Sciences, regardless of how long they have studied so far.

What are the tasks of a "studdy buddy"?
The tasks of a "studdy buddy" are primarily oriented toward the needs of the respective tandem. That means that you both decide in many points how you would like to set up your study buddy partnership depending on where you would like to have the emphasis. Of course there are a few fundamental things that belong to a study buddy partnership:

  • Meetings on a regular basis
  • Exchange and support for academic questions
  • If possible, cooperation during studies (attending courses, joint term papers…)

Otherwise you may freely plan your partnership and adapt it to your interests and ideas.

How can I participate?
If you are interested in a "studdy buddy" or further information, please contact Mr. Eric Pulverich (please contact her via e-mail for an individual appointment).

Sign up: If you would like to sign up, you may fill in the registration form (website "What are study buddies?"; see right) and submit it during office hours or via e-mail (see left).