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SFB 937 "Collective behavior of soft and biological matter"

2nd funding period: 2015 -1018
1st funding period: 2011 - 2014

Living systems are structurally complex, heterogeneous, and by definition out of thermodynamic equilibrium. In condensed matter physics, the complex behavior of many-particle systems has been very successfully analyzed with the concepts of statistical physics. The strength of a statistical approach is the capability to efficiently describe the collective behavior of large systems with many interacting degrees of freedom.



Summer-semester 2017
Start. 12.15 am - approx. 2 pm
location: Seminarraum 3 (A.03.101)
faculty of physics

11.04.2017 Prof. Nenad Bursac (Duke University) host: W.-H. Zimmermann

25.04.2017 Dr. Anupam Sengupta (ETH Zürich) host: J. Enderlein

09.05.2017 Dr. Kerstin Blank (MPI Golm) host: F. Rehfeldt

23.05.2017 Prof. Antoine Delon (LiPhy Grenoble) host: J. Enderlein

06.06.2017 Prof. Dr. Diethelm Johannsmann (TU Clausthal ) host: P. Vana

20.06.2017 Dr. Viola Priesemann ( MPI for Dynamics and Self-Organization Göttingen) host: C. Schmidt

04.07.2017 Dr. Kareen Elsayad (The Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities, Vienna) host: J. Enderlein

06.07.2017 JOINT COLLOQUIUM with SFB 803
Prof. Joachim Spatz (Max-Planck-Institut for Intelligent Systems, Stuttgart) host: C. Steinem (Location: MN 29, Lecturehall 3, Anorganic, Tammannstraße 4)

further dates for wintersemester 2017/2018

17.10.2017 Dr. Melina Schuh (Department of Meiosis, MPI Göttingen) host: C. Schmidt