Göttingen International

Foyer International

Hello everyone,
We are the Foyer International, part of the international office of the university. We are here to give German and international students a platform to meet each other and spent time together. Our activities are always free and you can join anytime!

We offer many different events and activities for international and German students alike who enjoy adding an international touch to their daily lives. These cultural programs take place in the Foyer International, offering a variety of forums for trans-national exchanges and opportunities to form new friendships.

The Monday program varies from week to week. We will start off with a quiz night (October 16), followed by Find your Tandem (October 23; ZHG) where you might find a language partner. The program ranges from stand-up comedy, playing board games, to baking cookies, or visiting our beautiful Christmas market in the city center. Our highlights on Mondays are the cultural evenings. People from Indonesia, Iran, and Colombia will present their country and culture this semester. If you like cooking, food, and want to taste international specialties from around the world, you should not miss our cooking evenings. This semester, students from Russia and Turkey will introduce to the cuisine of their country.

By joining our language workshops you will have the chance to culturally, artistically, and linguistically travel around the globe with us and other students! The language groups meet (bi-)weekly. You can join Caffè Italia, Soirées Franco-Allemandes, English Workshop, Typisch Deutsch?!, Café Español, or the German-Japanese Workshop to improve your language skills, talk about differences among countries, cultures, peoples, traditions, and trends, or to rid yourself of prejudices you may have been carrying with you while having a great time.

In addition, every Friday you can watch a good movie at English Movie Night. You can even put your acting and dancing skills to the test at the Theaterkurs, or Dance-Impro, where people from all over the world gather to act, dance, improvise and sing. The courses might offer you a chance to awaken your secret talents!

We are also happy to present a new addition to our program: International Career Network! Here you can get information and enjoy working sessions on topics of career planning.

We wish you a wonderful semester and look forward to seeing new and familiar faces at the Foyer International.

Your Foyer Team,
Hanna, Niklas, Svenja, Toni, and Ben