Studienbüro Mathematik

Study Advisory: Denise Krempasky

Open office hours without booking a fixed time
Monday from 12.30 h until 14.30 h
Tuesday from 9.00 h until 11.00 h
Wednesday from 13.00 h until 14.30 h
Thursdayfrom 9.00 h until 11.00 h

No office hours in October on the 29.10.2018.
No office hours in November on the 6.11., 12.11., 14.11., 20.11. and 21.11.2018.
No office hours in December on the 4.12. and 17.12.2018.
Study adisory is closed from 24.12.2018-3.1.2019.

You can also meet me outside these hours by making an appointment. For longer requests, I recommend arranging an appointment. Students enrolled in Göttingen can book an appointment with me in the Stud.IP system:

  • Scheduling in Stud.IP (Login necessary!)
  • Please enlist at the latest at the evening before the desired appointment slot, because otherwise I cannot guarantee to keep this time free!
  • Students that are not (already) enrolled can of course arrange an appointment with me by phone or e-mail.

Being the first place to go to of the office of student affairs, I advise in all aspects around the mathematics studies in Göttingen. I especially advise on these topics:

  • Structure and planning of the studies in mathematics
  • Questions about the examination regulations
  • Admissions of external examinations
  • Problems during the mathematics studies
  • Orientation for prospective students
  • Key competencies within the scope of the mathematics studies
  • job-entry with mathematics.

I also conduct compulsory advisories. Please read these notes to this.