The University of Göttingen is highly reputed throughout the world of academia and research. Its partnerships within the Coimbra Group and the U4 Network, active agreements running with institutions of higher education in some ninety countries, a raft of scholarship opportunities for international students and researchers, and more than fifty English-language Master and Ph.D. programmes - these prove the University's strongly international stance.

What is true for the University of Göttingen holds for the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science as well. It would not be the same without numerous international partnerships and exchange opportunities, international students and academics, who come from many countries. The Study Office Mathematics seeks to increase further the proportion of students from abroad as well as to extend the breadth of our international networks.

We coordinate the international relations and provide counseling and services for international students as well as for those from Göttingen who are planning their study abroad. Apart from that we are working closely with the Göttingen International Office and the international community of students currently hosted in Göttingen.

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