Chair of Economic Policy and SME Research

Dr. Lukas Meub

Main Research Foci

  • Experimental & Behavioral Economics
  • Economic Behavior in the context of AI, Big Data and Automated Decision-Making
  • Innovation Economics


  • Avishek Anand, Kilian Bizer, Alexander Erlei, Ujwal Gadiraju, Christian Heinze, Lukas Meub, Wolfgang Nejdl and Bjoern Steinroetter: Effects of Algorithmic Decision-Making and Interpretability on Human Behavior: Experiments using Crowdsourcing, forthcoming in Proceedings of HCOMP 2018 (WIP paper)
  • Meub, Lukas & Till Proeger, 2017: Are groups ‘less behavioral’? The case of anchoring, Theory and Decision, 85(2), 117-150.
  • Meub, Lukas & Till Proeger, 2017: The Impact of Communication Regimes on Group Rationality: Experimental Evidence, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 135, 229-238.
  • Brüggemann, Julia & Lukas Meub, 2017: Experimental Evidence on the Effects of Innovation Contests, Information Economics and Policy 39, 72-83.
  • Meub, Lukas, Till Proeger & Hendrik Hüning, 2017: A comparison of endogenous and exogenous timing in a social learning experiment, Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination 12(1), 143-166.
  • Meub, Lukas & Till Proeger, 2016: Can anchoring explain biased forecasts? Experimental evidence, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance 12, 1-13.
  • Brüggemann, Julia, Paolo Crosetto, Lukas Meub & Kilian Bizer, 2016: Intellectual Property Rights Hinder Sequential Innovation, Research Policy, 45(10), 2054-2068.
  • Meub, Lukas, Till Proeger, Tim Schneider & Kilian Bizer, 2016: The victim matters - experimental evidence on lying, moral costs and moral cleansing, Applied Economics Letters, 23(16), 1162-1167.
  • Meub, Lukas, Till Proeger, Kilian Bizer & Markus Spiwoks, 2015: Strategic Coordination in Forecasting - An Experimental Study, Finance Research Letters 13, 155-162.
  • Meub, Lukas & Till Proeger, 2015: Anchoring in Social Context, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics 55, 29-39.
  • Proeger, Till & Lukas Meub, 2014: Overconfidence as a Social Bias: Experimental Evidence, Economics Letters, 122(2), 203-207.

Project related publications

  • Proeger, Till, Lukas Meub & Kilian Bizer: Laboratory Experiments on Tradable Development Rights, forthcoming in Sustainability.
  • Proeger, Till, Lukas Meub & Kilian Bizer, 2018: Tradable development rights under uncertainty: an experimental approach, Journal of Environmental Economics and Policy, 7:3, 303-323.
  • Meub, Lukas, Till Proeger, Kilian Bizer & Ralph Henger, 2017: The political economy of certificates for land use in Germany – experimental evidence, Journal of Environmental Policy & Planning 19(6), 712-732.
  • Proeger, Till, Lukas Meub & Kilian Bizer, 2017: The role of communication on an experimental market for tradable development rights, Land Use Policy 68, 614-624.
  • Meub, Lukas, Till Proeger, Kilian Bizer & Ralph Henger, 2017: Die Effizienz von Zuteilungsmechanismen bei Flächenzertifikaten zwischen Versteigerung und Grandfathering – experimentelle Evidenz, Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftspolitik 66(1), 80-109.
  • Meub, Lukas, Till Proeger, Kilian Bizer & Ralph Henger, 2016: Experimental evidence on the resilience of a cap & trade system for land use in Germany, Land Use Policy 51, 95-108.
  • Henger, Ralph et al., 2016: Ergebnisse und Implikationen aus dem Modellversuch zum Handel mit Flächenzertifikaten, in: Meinel et al. (Ed.), Flächennutzungsmonitoring VIII. Flächensparen – Ökosystemleistungen – Handlungsstrategien. IÖR Schriften Bd. 69, Rhombos-Verlag, Berlin, S. 11-22.

Discussion Papers

  • Schneider, Tim, Lukas Meub & Kilian Bizer, 2016: Consumer Information In A Market For Expert Services: Experimental Evidence, cege discussion paper 285, Universität Göttingen. (Download)
  • Hüning, Hendrik & Lukas Meub, 2015: Optimal Public Information Dissemination. Introducing Observational Learning into a Generalized Beauty Contest. cege discussion paper 260, Universität Göttingen. (Download)