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WeWiMento - Career Paths into Science Management

We are currently in the state of further developing our offers. We are aiming at designing them even more flexible and open up to a broader circle. We therefore kindly ask you for your understanding regarding our "creative break" - we are looking forward to restart in the course of 2018.

In the past years the management of science has become a more and more attractive and diverse field of activity for young graduated academics. However, it is not always obvious which different organizational units this working field includes and which tasks people managing science have to fulfill. The mentoring programme WeWiMento aims at supporting graduating and already graduated academics to get an insight into the broad field of managing science and to prepare for an activity in this field.

Programme structure
The one-year program consists of three units:

One-to-one mentoring

During the entire programme each of the mentees will be accompanied by a mentor with a well-founded experience in the management of science. The mentor will consult the mentees concerning career entries and perspectives for the future career.

Qualification and networking

In the first half-year of the program the mentees will take part in three two-day workshops with the topics “career entry”, “capability analysis”, and “working at interfaces and in networks”. In different events (peer-group meetings, mentee-mentor lunches) the participants will have the possibility to inform themselves about career perspectives and build up a contact network.


In the second half-year of the program mentees will pass four one-week attendances (job shadowing) in different departments or central institutions of the university. Thereby they will receive an impression on the different working fields in the management of science.