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Accessibility map of the campus

The Georg-August University of Göttingen is highly engaged to improve the equalization of handicapped students. Nevertheless there are still numerous barriers (e.g. constructional deficits), which are difficult or even impossible to cross for this group of people.
To get to know all barriers, it is important to record each single seminar room in regard to its accessibility and usability.

The idea of the present prototype of the digital accessibility map is based upon an awarded concept of the university's Ideas Competition for Students 2012 - »Diversität? - Vielfalt fördern! « , which suggested a booklet for barriers on the campus.
During the first relevant period only six major buildings (MZG, ZHG, OEC, THEO, VG, KWZ) on the central campus where embedded, as well as seminar rooms managed by the head office. The major object of the barrier free map is to show information about the accessibility of rooms and additionally the routes between handicapped parking spaces or bus stops to those rooms. Besides, the application offers a room search and connects seminar rooms with the university calendar UniVZ.

Currently the project team aims to integrate all major buildings of the university, including all rooms, elevators, stairs, bus stops and entrances until 12/2014.