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Reports and Analyses


The questionnaires have been developed in cooperation with the 'Neugestaltung der Absolventinnen- und Absolventenbefragung'-workgroup and are divided into a core questionnaire, which is the same for all graduates, and questionnaire sections or individual questions that are targeted at specific faculties’ graduates.

Methodology reports
The Graduate Survey is a full survey of all graduates from the relevant final year (PJ) who have not responded to the University of Goettingen at the time of the survey (except for Magister and Diploma degree programmes). It can be accessed via a personalised online survey link.

Faculty reports (final year 2016)
Specific results on the topics of occupational entrance, employment situations and study satisfaction.

  • Faculty of Agricultural Sciences (German PDF)

  • Faculty of Biology and Psychology (Biology) (German PDF)

  • Faculty of Biology and Psychology (Psychology) (German PDF)

  • Faculty of Chemistry (German PDF)

  • Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology (German PDF)

  • Faculty of Geoscience and Geography (German PDF)

  • Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science (Teaching unit Computer Science) (German PDF)

  • Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science (Teaching unit Mathematics) (German PDF)

  • Faculty of Physics (German PDF)

  • Faculty of Law (German PDF)

  • Faculty of Humanities (German PDF)

  • Faculty of Social Sciences (German PDF)

  • Faculty of Theology (German PDF)

  • Medical Center (Human medicine) (German PDF)

  • Medical Center (Molecular medicine/Dentistry) (German PDF)

  • Faculty of Economic Sciences (German PDF)

  • Zentrale Einrichtung für Lehrerbildung (ZELB) (German PDF)

University reports
Analytical reports
Results from the central Graduate Survey for the relevant graduation year on the subjects of starting a career, employment situation and satisfaction with studies.

International and regional mobility
This report looks at time spent abroad on activities relevant to studies by graduates from recent years. The data is based on the results of the Graduate Surveys from 2009 to 2012.