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  • September 28th 2018 - MSE 2018
    Thomas and Danny visited the "MSE 2018" in Darmstadt during September 26. - 28.

  • September 05th 2018 - Wood Nanotechnology Conference 2018
    Mona and Salimeh visited the "Wood Nanotechnology Conference 2018" at the ETH Zürich during September 2. - 5. Mona won the CSF Award for the best poster.
    Mona CSF Award 2018 2

  • May 07th 2018 - The Nanomechanics welcome a New Group Member
    As of today the Nanomechanics group has a new member. Welcome Saeed Amiri. During his PhD-Theses Saeed will do computer simulations in the SFB friction project A01 in close collaboration with Richard Vinks.

  • Jun 26th 2017 - Trends in Nanotribology 2017
    Cynthia, Hendrik and Joern participated at the Joint ICTP-COST-MODPHYSFRICT Conference "Trends in Nanotribology" in Trieste, Italy. Joern presented his latest results on friction at the phase transition of a VO2-film in the Poster Session.

Research Areas

Mechanical stress can impose huge free energy changes in materials, thereby altering both the equilibrium states and the dynamic behavior. Particularly in nanoscale materials where the defects are constrained by interfaces and surfaces, very large stresses are reached and dynamic processes such as deformation and phase transformations may follow entirely different paths than in bulk materials. We investigate a variety of different nanoscale model systems using in-situ electron microscopy and micro-mechanical testing, with the goal of revealing the underlying principles controlling material stability, defect dynamics, and energy dissipation.

Seminars / Group meetings

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Open Positions

Master Thesis

  • In situ tensile testing of twinned Au nanowires

    Quantitative mechanical testing is performed inside a scanning electron microscope, and the stress- strain behavior of the wires is determined.

    If interest, please send an e-mail to cborche@gwdg.de.

Bachelor Thesis

  • Characterization of twinned and untwinned Au nanowires

    Au nanowires are characterized in a transmission electron microscope. The influence of a longitudinal twin boundary on shape, rigidity, aspect ratio, and cross section is evaluated.

    If interest, please send an e-mail to cborche@gwdg.de.