Research-oriented studies

Research-oriented studies at the faculty are very important and make a considerable contribution to the attractiveness of the study courses. The percentage of research-oriented activities increases in steps from the Bachelor to the PhD level.

Bachelor courses:
First own scientific project in the Bachelor thesis. The students are generally supervised and guided by experienced Master and PhD students. They use the methods common in the respective research area, which they get to know in the study modules "Research Methods in Chemistry" (e.g. different spectroscopic methods). The topics for Bachelor theses are mostly part of on-going research projects currently worked on in the respective research group. In this way, the Bachelor students can experience how their contribution is included in this research project and may even be mentioned in a later publication.

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Master course:
Internships in the research groups at the faculty or in other groups after application (e.g. at an MPI) play an important role. Two modules for research internships exist for each of the three core areas of chemistry (inorganic, organic and physical chemistry). The students are involved in specified research activities of the supervised group and learn about the methods used there and the required literature in depth. In different study modules of the Master course, methodological knowledge is taught in depth, which is often clarified in specific applications in research projects. The independent research work in collaboration with the supported group is supported in the Master thesis even more than in the Bachelor thesis. Very often, the results of the Master thesis lead to publications or may form significant parts in other publications. In this context, it is also often possible that Master students participate in scientific congresses to present their results there e.g. as poster together with the supported group. In this way, they also become familiar with the typical format of scientific events.

PhD studies:
PhD studies are characterised largely by independent research for the doctoral thesis. The topic is part of the research area of the supported group. This creates links between PhD projects running at the same time. Participation in conferences or stay with other research groups or at large research institutions to use specific devices or expertise not available at the faculty are frequent and supported e.g. with SFBs. In the PhD curriculum, the results of one's own research must be presented in a scientific environment. Furthermore, scientific services for other groups, e.g. measurements at specialised large appliances, are recognised. In this way, the PhD students are exposed to an intensive scientific exchange which often goes beyond their own research area. Results of the PhD project are often published; a PhD project can even result in several publications.

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Göttingen Chemistry Forum:

The Göttingen Chemistry Forum is generally held annually and provides a framework for students and PhD students to learn about the scientific processes at conferences and to get involved in the organisation. Furthermore, scientific work can be presented in posters or short presentations. Participation is recognised as course achievement.

Transfer between high-level research and school
Based on a project as part of SFB 803 introduced by the Faculty of Chemistry, a project "sfb@school" has been established in several SFBs with chemistry involvement, which is largely conducted by subject-specific didactics in chemistry. Especially teacher training students contribute to transfer achievements to make the high-level research conducted as SFBs accessible and understandable for pupils. In this way, they get closer to the most current research problems and realise independent achievements by combining this knowledge with knowledge on subject-specific didactics.

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