Seminar für Englische Philologie


The department for English Language Teaching offers master students in the Master-of-education program the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of projects in cooperation with, for example, schools in Goettingen, the YLAB and other institutions. Students gain insights into the planning, conducting and evaluating of those projects as well as valuable teaching experiences. Both students and pupils as well as teacher thoroughly enjoy those projects. Be part of it and sign up for the courses!



The following projects at the YLAB have already taken place or are on-going project you can join:

Since the summer semester 2015:

In the seminar Theatre Projects in Foreign Language Teaching students try out drama-based methods and learn how to plan and implement a long-term theatre project with pupils. They are then given the opportunity to offer their own after school drama-club at the IGS Geismar. As part of their research internship they can put their newly gained competencies into practice.

The seminar Global Simulation teaches students the basis of a global simulation in the foreign language classroom. As part of the course students develop and organize their own simulation on the subject of Hollywood. The simulation then takes place at the YLAB as one project day for the 8th grade of the IGS Geismar.

The following trailer of a film about the simulation in the summer semester 2016 gives you an impression of the simulation.

Here you can find impression of the Hollywood-simulation in the summer semester 2017:

And the Oscar goes to ...

... and here of the Hollywood-simulation in the summer semester 2015:

Global Simulation Hollywood

In the seminar Teaching Speaking students acquire the theoretical basics of teaching speaking in the foreign language. Furthermore, they develop their own teaching units for pupils of different age groups, which will be implemented at the YLAB on one project day. In the winter semester 2015/2016 an 11th grade of the BBS II took part in different speaking activities such as a talk show, discussions rounds etc. For one morning English had become their one and only language. In the summer semester 2016 a 7th grade of the IGS Geismar took on the roles of applicants for a job with the famous Sherlock Holmes. Besides of successfully solving a difficult murder case, the pupils developed their speaking skills. The university students on the other hand gained experience in the teaching of such a workshop. As part of their reflection they were instructed to analyze video sequences of their own teaching. In the winter semester a 10th grade of the Hainberg-Gymnasim also put on the roles of detectives in order to solve the difficult case of the murder of a groom on his wedding day. In the summer semester 2017 pupils of a 12th grade of the IGS Geismar joined a simulation of Harper Lee's "To Kill a Mockingbird". As reporters they had to do research on the case of Tom Robinson and eventually create a news report for the famous Worldtainment News Agency. Future detectives from a 9th grade of the Hainberg-Gymnasium solved the difficult case of the murder of a young twin girl (based on a original Sherlock Holmes-case). The pupils enjoyed the day very much and and some nearly forgot that they spoke English all the time.

WiSe 2016/2017

In the seminar Teaching Shakespeare the university students first got acquainted with the various possibilities to work with Shakespeare's plays in the English language classroom. Based on these insights, students planned in groups a learning carousel on the life and work of Shakespeare as well as on selected scenes from his play "Romeo and Juliet". An 11th grade of the IGS Geismar tested the different stations and evaluated them as a success and an excellent preparation for their A-Levels.


Summer semester 2014:

In the seminar Graphic Novels in ELT: A Comics Teaching Project students got acquainted with graphic novels. In cooperation with the Hainberg Gymnasium Göttingen they planned and conducted project days at the YLAB, where the pupils worked with the graphic novel American Born Chinese.

The seminar Teaching English to Young Learners - Exploring Holistic, Action-Oriented and Playful Ways of Learning introduced action- and product-oriented methods for young learners to the students. They developed own teaching units for a 4th grade English language classroom, which were implemented in two classes at the Albanipchule Goettingen.

Here you will find information to other selected projects:

Theatre project Frankenstein (WS 2015/2016)