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Individual Counselling

How do I find a programme that suits me, what demands do I face when studying at a university, and what are the formal requirements I need to fulfil – these are pivotal questions that often inspire a sense of uncertainty. On top of that, you are confronted with an abundance of information from countless sources, and you are not sure how reliable they are.

The Central Student Advisory Service offers you individual preparatory counselling sessions to enable you to take an informed, well-thought, autonomous decision. While talking to a study counsellor you will probe your interests, affinities, and abilities. Based on our counselling you will evaluate these resources of yours in view of the demands made by an academic programme and by the professional world. You will develop strategies and approaches that enable you to actively plan your next steps. The interview will provide you with an opportunity to gain important information and put it into perspective in view of your personal situation.

A counselling session can last 20 to 60 minutes; if your questions or problems are more complex, we can arrange for you to have more than one session.