Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities in a nutshell

The Faculty of Humanities is one of 13 faculties of the Georg-August-University.
It unites 30 academic institutes and centers that are involved in the currently 45 bachelor’s and 46 master's degree courses, especially in the traditional teaching subjects.
It employs 71 professors and 165 scientific staff and – with a tradition of 270 years – belongs to the four founding faculties of the university.
Its international reputation and its atmosphere is reflected in the well over 500 foreign students, PhD students and visiting scholars who are members of the Faculty of Humanities. With the variety of its scientific staff and its nearly 4,500 students it is by far the largest faculty in Göttingen.
Thanks to its long tradition, there are extensive libraries of numerous original works in the departments. With a stock of approximately 750,000 titles, they offer an excellent foundation for working in the humanities. There is also the award-winning Lower Saxony State and University Library of Göttingen, with its six million books and original manuscripts, a bibliophile and academic treasure trove.