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Development and Implementation of a HR Strategy at BASF 16.12.2015
India's Waste Economy and Caste Discrimination 16.12.2015
European Banking Union: Curbing the Systemic Fiscal Tail Risk 16.12.2015
The Seiberg-Witten equations in dimension three 17.12.2015
Moonlight Mass - Gottesdienst in englischer Sprache 20.12.2015
Informal labor, formal politics, and dignified discontent in India 06.01.2016
The Long Aftermath of World War II across Europe: Early Life Effects on Health at Old Age 06.01.2016
Relative contact homology, string topology and the cord algebra 07.01.2016
Bacillus cereus biovar anthracis: untypical Anthrax causing strains 12.01.2016
South Asian exiles and German academic circles: Curiosity, orientalism and the production of knowledge 13.01.2016
From fundamental research to applications: how academia supports new strategies in plant protection 13.01.2016
Wittgenstein's Naturalism 13.01.2016
Massive volcanic exhalations as trigger for black shale formation, ocean acidification and photic zone euxinia about 200 million years before now 19.01.2016
Benjamin Britten, the Beach Boys and Beyond: High Male Voices and Gender Politics in Late Twentieth Century Music 20.01.2016
Gender, Inequality and Education in Colonial India 20.01.2016

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