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Beauftragte für Studienqualität

Representative for Academic Quality (Ombudsperson)
Head of Teaching and Learning Ideas and Complaint Management

Meike S. Gottschlich M.A.
Phone +49 (0)551/ 39-4414
Fax +49 (0)551/ 39-184414

phone office hour:
Tuesdays 14:15 - 15:00

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Ideas Management Teaching and Learning

Creativity and studies



Students for Students


The Representative for Academic Quality (Ombudsperson) / Teaching and Learning Ideas and Complaint Management

As the Representative for Academic Quality, I offer an independent and autonomous service, so you can talk to me openly if there is something that troubles you or you think the university could do something better.

I treat all information received from students in confidence, whether general or specific suggestions or criticism concerning learning conditions and academic issues. My role is to achieve solutions with the goal of improving academic quality in the short, medium and long term. More…

Ideas and suggestions welcome!

Do you have any

  • suggestions concerning study requirements and contents? Or concerning counselling services or mentoring?

  • comments on the organisational structure of the programmes?

  • suggestions concerning things like opening hours or information services?

Write to me, I am here to help!

Simply send me an e-mail (signed or anonymous) or use the contact form and tell me your suggestions, concerns, questions or criticism.

Ideas Competition for Students 2013

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