In publica commoda

Studying without Borders – Vote for Europe!

This year is characterised by a vivid discussion about the European Community. Brexit is one of the most dominating themes in the media, but perhaps more important is our clear and strong commitment to Europe and the opportunity to demonstrate this commitment in the upcoming European elections.

Only those who vote will have a say in the future. This is why we want to urge all of you to vote on May 26!

Therefore the University of Göttingen is endorsing the “Studying without Borders – Vote for Europe!” initiative of the German Rectors’ Conference (HRK) and the German National Association for Student Affairs (DSW), as well as the “Lower Saxony for Europe” initiative by the Lower Saxony government and many other associations.

Research and teaching at our University are positioned very internationally and, in particular, European. This is evidenced by the numerous students, doctoral students and professors from all over Europe, many Erasmus partnerships, our engagement in the U4 Network, Coimbra Group and the Guild.

This page lists only a few excerpts of the events, publications and projects in and about Europe. If you have further suggestions, please do get in touch with us!


May 9th 2019
EUA – Webinar: European Parliament elections & its importance for the higher education and research policies

The 2019 European election is an important milestone for universities and the millions of students enrolled in higher education across the continent. The new European Parliament and the next European Commission will have a major responsibility in shaping the Union during these challenging times. They will also decide on future policies and funding programmes that impact universities. The European University Association will be holding a free webinar to discuss the importance of these elections in the issues affecting the higher education and research sector.

May 2nd 2019
"First time voter?! – What Europe means to us"

On the European elections: topics for young and first-time voters. A podium discussion for high school students (Year 10-13) focussing on digitalisation, environmental policy and another topic of choice.

April 2nd – July 2nd
Narratives of Europe – An International Lecture Series in Cooperation with the Coimbra Group

Erasmus Mundus Master’s Programme "Euroculture - Society, politics and culture in a global context"

  • July 17th: Panel on “Migration and the future of Europe” following the election. Link
  • April 10th: Open Discussion “How do you shape an idea into policy?” with Andreas Maus, Candidate of the Pan-European Party VOLT.

May 24th -26th
Conference: The contribution of ecumenism to peace in Europe

Foundation Adam von Trott, Imshausen e.V. and University of Göttingen

22. Mai 2019
“Thinking Europe about from the sidelines?
Questions and research areas of cultural anthropological research on Europe”

First “Annual Lecture in European Ethnology” Speaker: Prof. Dr. Gisela Welz

April 4th -5th
International and European rule of law – Conference of the European Society for International Law in Göttingen

Organisation: Prof. Dr. Tobias Stoll

March 14th
Event Series by Europe-Union Germany e.V.

Informational Event on the European Election with Prof. Dr. Andreas Busch

Research and Publications

Many institutes and chairs of our University conduct research on European themes.

EU funded research projects at the University of Göttingen

DUZ, Issue 3 2019
In the article titled “Europe does not explain itself”, Professor Monika Oberle from Göttingen is interviewed about her research on political education with a focus on Europe (pp 30-32 “Magazine for Science and Society” (DUZ)).

Portal for Political Science
Publication from Tobias Lenz: “The European Union: A model under pressure”

Studies & Cooperation


Prof. Dr. Ulrike Beisiegel, Rector:
It is hard to overemphasize the importance of the European Community for the preservation of peace in Europe since 1949. We cannot solve the global challenges of our time without international cooperation. To politics, business and science, the European Area is an ideal platform for thought that transcends borders and for exchange that is based on trust. Our students have the opportunity to “study without borders” by virtue of our numerous ERASMUS partnerships and our close ties to European partner universities in networks such as the Coimbra Group, Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities and the U4 network.

Prof. Dr. Hiltraud Casper-Hehne, Vice-president for International Relations:
For over 70 years, European Integration has been our guarantor for peace, freedom and prosperity. We are compelled to address challenges like migration, climate change or the digital revolution on a European level and find common solutions. Only a united Europe can to tackle the challenges of the 21st century. Brexit is an illustration of how nationalists and populists can mislead people with their seemingly easy answers. It is crucial, therefore, to strengthen Europe and the European Higher Education Area. This is why the University of Göttingen wants to intensify European cooperation and found a European University that transcends the borders between our strategic partners Ghent, Groningen, Tartu and Uppsala. And this is also why we call on our staff and all students to vote in the European election. In publica commode – For the good of all.