Forest Genetics and Forest Tree Breeding
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Buesgen Institute
Forest Genetics
and Forest Tree Breeding
Buesgenweg 2
37077 Goettingen

Regina Berkeley
Tel.: +49 551-3933532
Fax: +49 551-398367



Forest Genetics and Forest Tree Breeding

We are interested in population genetics and ecological genetics of forest organisms. The focus of our research is on molecular genetic approaches to study patterns of genetic variation in forest organisms. Main fields of research are:
• Adaptation mechanisms and tree improvement at the molecular level...mehr
• links between genetic diversity, biodiversity at higher levels, and ecosystem processes and services, ...mehr
• genetic variation of tropical forest trees. ...mehr
Research results form a basis for tree improvement, the development of strategies for the presenvation of diverse and productive forest ecosystems in times of rapid environmental change (alteration of land use systems; climate change), the assessment of human impact on forest ecosystems, and nature protection including conservation of forest genetic resources.