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Göttingen masterminds

Göttingen University as an internationally renowned research university has repeatedly been able to win the "best minds" for itself in the course of its 275-year history. It is they who have laid the foundation for the international reputation of our university, and they mould the university's profile up to the present day; thus, the name of our university is connected with the résumés of more than forty Nobel prize winners. Fourteen of them have been awarded the Nobel prize for the very research conducted during their time in Göttingen. We will introduce these fourteen here. Additionally you will find a small selection from the long list of historical personalities who were attached to Göttingen University at some point in time as students or researchers; we will also introduce some Göttingen alumni who are well-known for their careers in politics or society.

Göttingen Personalty of the Month

Max Born, Physics (1882 to 1970)

BornIn 1954 Max Born (1882 to 1970) was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics (together with Walther Bothe) for his scientific works in quantum mechanics which were primarily developed during his time at Göttingen, particularly for his statistical interpretation of the wave function. read more...