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Aligning Teaching, Student Learning and Student Assessment Effectively (A)

Title of the event Aligning Teaching, Student Learning and Student Assessment Effectively (A)
Organizer Zentralverwaltung und sonstige zentralen Einrichtungen
Speaker Hochschuldidaktik
Type of event Workshop
Category Karriere und Weiterbildung
Registration required Ja
Details What is it that we want students to take away from our courses? And how do we as instructors best facilitate that students learn what we set out for them to learn? These two questions guide this workshop throughout. Participants will be introduced to developing effective learning outcomes and then be asked to match these with suitable teaching methods and forms of assessment. The workshop draws on John Biggs and Catherine Tang’s “constructive alignment” as a hands-on theoretical foundation. It is built on a variety of methods – trainer input, individual and group work, visual mapping, discussions, and participant presentations – to best facilitate participant learning with the goal of having participants leave with a “constructively aligned” draft course plan in hand. The workshop will be held in English.
Date Start: 12.04.2019, 09:00 Uhr
Ende: 12.04.2019 , 17:00 Uhr
Location Waldweg 26, Altbau (Waldweg 26)
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