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Annual Employee Review

Starting in January 2017, the first round of Annual Employee Reviews is to be established at Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. This concept was developed by an expert panel under the centralised coordination of the full-time Vice-President Dr. Holger Schroeter, who is supported by the representatives of the Staff Council, the Equal Opportunities Officer and representatives for severely handicapped persons in cooperation with the responsible members of the faculties.

What happens during an Annual Employee Review?
The Annual Employee Review is a mandatory one-to-one meeting between direct superior and employee held once a year. This talk should have a set structure, be confidential and held on eye level to reflect mutual respect and esteem.

Why do we need these Annual Employee Reviews?
The introduction of Annual Employee Reviews should produce big benefits for employees, senior staff members and the University alike.
Employees will be given the chance to actively shape the future workflows and outline their HR development, qualification and career options.
Senior staff members will be given a tool they can employ to improve communication and prevent misunderstandings. The reviews also provide an opportunity to compare the each others different perspectives and exchange feedback. This tool additionally helps in continuous goal setting and planning.
By implementing Annual Employee Reviews, the University is taking an important step towards improving working conditions for employees: the opportunities created help uncover deficits and thereby enhance the quality of work, whilst promoting better managerial skills at the same time.

In the section "Why we conduct Annual Employee Reviews" you will find a collection of original quotes by University staff members discussing the different perspectives on this new construct.