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Field of action "furthering qualifications"

The field of action IV comprises measures to further qualifications of teaching, coaching and supervising staff. Besides the strengthening of the training in teaching and learning skills in higher education for new appointees, junior academics and teachers at the University Medical Centre, specific offers are developed for personnel supporting Teaching and Learning (i.e. Deans of Studies, Representatives from the Offices of the Deans of Studies). Furthermore, gender aspects are being integrated in teaching. In order to raise the profile of these measures university-wide and to support the transfer into teaching, the annual ‘Teaching and Learning in Higher Education forum’ has taken place since 2013. The forum offers the opportunity to interchange and network with colleagues all about the topic of teaching. In particular it is also for collecting Good-Practice examples of teaching at the University of Göttingen and to make them available to the university public.

The cooperation with the centre for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education and the quality management in teaching at TU Clausthal has to be mentioned in particular. The cooperation is beyond the scope of the measures for newly appointed professorships mentioned in the proposal: a certification programme that follows its Göttingen model has been implemented at TU Clausthal. Therefore, it is possible to realise a close coordination regarding topics and also scheduling of the programmes for both, the certification programme as well as the worksop programme of centre for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.