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Check list when beginning your studies

What happens after enrolment? You do not have to organize everything yourself – even if studying does require a great deal of independence. The first steps are listed in this checklist.

1. Pre-courses - often called „Propädeutika“. Take these before the semester begins (only offered in some subjects).

2. Orientation events („O-Phase“). Attend these events held by your subjects. They are mandatory for some subjects and highly recommended for all others!

3. Create a course schedule (information from the O-Phase; UniVZ; study plan coordination).

4. Have a look at the examination and programme regulations and catalogue of modules of your subject.

5. Get a chip card (student identification card): at the chip card issuing station in the Main Lecture Hall Building (ZHG).

6. Print out the certificate of enrolment for your health insurance company etc. (using the self-service operation / eCampus).

7. Secure your financing – for example, apply for Bafög (federal student loan) if you have not done so already.

8. Would you like accomodation in student housing? Apply at the Student Residence Administration Office of Student Services (Wohnheimverwaltung des Studentenwerkes) to begin building up waiting time (you can apply even before your studies have begun).

9. The Resident Registration Office ("Einwohnermeldeamt"): Register your residency here – and secure your „home advantage“ (Heimvorteil), if applicable.

10. Apply for exemption from radio and T.V. fees (you can attain pre-printed form at the New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus).

11. Examination management: Take your first look at Flex Now.

12. Ask questions: Ask your fellow students, lecturers, as well as information and advisory offices.

13. Stay cool: The first steps are always the hardest.