Which courses of study can I choose?

Chemistry + X: Possibilities for a dual study course

You can't decide between the different study courses? Or you are just up for doing a little bit more? Then a dual study course (this is not the same as a two-subject Bachelor!) could be an option for you.

You will study two complete Bachelor courses in parallel, e.g. chemistry and biochemistry or chemistry and material sciences. Your advantage: You only need to do modules that are part of both courses once. And at the end, you can include two independent study degrees in your CV.

Please note: A dual study course is not for everybody. Even if some modules count for both study courses - the dual study course means considerably more work and effort compared to a normal study course. You will not be able to graduate in both study courses within the regular period of study. However, if this is not a problem for you and your funding source, then the dual study course will give you a great opportunity to achieve something special in your CV!

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