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Address lists for poster distribution

With your event promotion in mind, we provide address lists to internal University departments, faculties and institutions for their poster distribution. With these distribution lists, you can send a total of 113 posters to be displayed at various facilities around the University.

If you wish to take us up on this offer, you can schedule an appointment with the Public Relations Office. Please allow approximately 30 minutes' processing time for the appointment. We also kindly request that you bring rubber bands with you for transporting the posters.

Alternatively, you also have the option to distribute 22 posters via the Cultural Services (Fachdienst Kultur) of the City of Göttingen. Each poster should have a maximum size of DIN A2. However, the smaller A3 is better because the chances of having your poster displayed are higher since these are "dished out" daily alongside a variety of other posters. Please note that these posters must be folded to DIN A4 with the print facing inwards.

You can then drop them off at the New Town Hall (Neues Rathaus), Hiroshimaplatz 1, either in Room 806 (Mr. Grops) or Room 810 (Mrs. Henne).

For posting on the advertising columns (Kultursäulen), please place eight rolled-up posters in a tube into one of the two "bins" on the 8th floor of the Neues Rathaus, between Rooms 806 and 807 ("Kultursäulen" notice board). We would recommend sizes no larger than A2 format. The posters should be delivered by Thursday, preferably 16:00 CET at the latest, but sooner, if possible. An invoice will later be issued as posted on the notice board.

Karin Schlote
Phone: +49 (0)551 39-24342