Department of Empirical Educational Research with emphasis on teaching and learning research

Our department is engaged in the description and explanation of development of competency and motivation of students, taking into consideration individual cognitive, motivational and social background features as well as features of the school-level process quality. Data from quantitative studies are analysed for this purpose, using multi-variant (latent) processes (including StEG, IGLU/TIMSS, Ganz In). The methodology involves the use of various processes (including IRT, HLM, SEM, LCA/LPA).

We are currently working at the following topics:

  • Development of competencies and motivation at all-day primary schools
  • Compensation of social disadvantage by means of all-day primary schools
  • Modelling of the quality of schools
  • Reference group effects in terms of non-cognitive features
  • Recording and description of the quality of teaching and the wide range of services
  • Recording of situational and individual interests