Forest Genetics and Forest Tree Breeding

Career path

2003-2008 BSc in Biology, National University of Colombia

2008-2010 MSc in Biology, National University of Colombia

Since 10/2013 PhD student in the section “Forest Genetics and Forest Tree Breeding”

Professional experience

2011-2013 Assistant Professor, Antonio Nariño University (Colombia).

06/2013-08/2013 Professional in genetic analyses. National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences (Colombia).

PhD Project

Fagus sylvatica is one of the most important forest tree species in Europe. Despite it is known that under a climate change scenario the risk of summer droughts will be higher and affect F. sylvatica distribution, little is known about the genetic basis of drought tolerance in this forest tree. The aim of my PhD study is to assess the genetic basis of European beech adaptation to drought. For this purpose, in a collaborative joint project with the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snowand Landscape Research WSL, saplings from populations located along steep precipitation gradients were sampled and the genetic diversity at neutral (microsatellite) and SNP markers on candidate genes possibly involved in drought tolerance will be assessed. This investigation will contribute to a better understand of the genetic adaptive potential of F. sylvatica to drought and to develop scientific guidelines for its conservation under climate change conditions.

Research Interests

Molecular ecology
Conservation genetics