Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology and The Ethnographic Collection

Past courses (archive)

  • Social and cultural anthropology in the 21st century (winter semester 2017/2018)
    (in corporation with Prof. Dr. Andrea Lauser)

  • Fieldwork and Ethnography: Exercise course (summer semester 2017)

  • Anthropology of Religion : Ethnographies (winter semester 2016/2017)
    (in corporation with Prof. Dr. Andrea Lauser)

  • South East Asia: Modernities in Thailand (summer semester 2016)

  • A Region on the Move: Southeast Asia and Mobilities (winter semester 2015/2016)

  • Back to the Future: Nostalgia, Heritage, Memory (summer semester 2015)
    (in corporation with Dr. Jovan Maud)

  • Urban Anthropology (winter semester 2014/ 2015)
    (in corporation with Prof. Dr. Andrea Lauser)

  • Ethnographic Methods (tutorial) (summer semester 2014)

  • Modernities in Thailand: Capitalism, Consumption, Class (summer semester 2014)

  • Travelling Asia (winter semester 2012/2013)

  • Ethnographies of Mainland Southeast Asia (summer semester 2012)

  • Anthropology of Borderlands in Southeast Asia (winter semester 2011/2012)

  • All courses were held in German.