Sign Language in Göttingen


(A)symmetries and Movement in Spoken and Sign Languages (DFG) (starting in April, 2018)

(In)visible Life Stories - Documentation of the Life, Culture and Language of Elderly Deaf People PRO*Niedersachsen (Niedersächsisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kultur) (since 2017)

The Sign Hub: Preserving, Researching and Fostering the Linguistic, Historical and Cultural Heritage of European Deaf Signing Communities with an Integral Resource (Horizon 2020) (since 2016)

Research Training Group 2070: Understanding Social Relationships (DFG) (since 2015)

Discourse Referents in Space - Anaphora Resolution in German Sign Language (DFG) (since 2014)

Non-manual Signals and the Grammar of two (Related) Sign Languages (GIF) (2013-2015)

Priming across Modalities: The Influence of Orthography on Sign and Spoken Language Processing (DFG) (2013-2014)

CLARIN-D (discipline-specific work group 6) (2011-2014)

Unraveling the Grammars of European Sign Languages (COST-Action) (2011-2015)

Bilateral Cooperation: University of Haifa - University of Göttingen (DFG) (2011-2012)

DGS classes: University of Göttingen (since 2010)

Courant Research Center "Text Structures" (since 2010)

Processing of Spatial Information in Sign Languages (Research Funding University of Mainz) (2009-2011)

Sign Language - An International Handbook (2008-2012)

Die SprachChecker (2007-2008)