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PROMOS: Program for the enhancement of the mobility of students of german institutes of higher education of the DAAD

With its programme to promote the mobility of students of german institutes of higher education (PROMOS), the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) allocates scholarship funds to German universities to assist students and doctoral candidates with scholarships and travelling allowances, so that they can undertake study trips and internships abroad which are relevant to their studies.

    Projects eligible for assistance:
  • study trips for students (1 - 6 months)
  • students’ visits abroad in order to prepare their graduation theses (1 - 6 months)
  • internships for students outside Europe (6 weeks to 6 months)
  • language courses for students and doctoral candidates (3 weeks to 6 months)
  • specialist seminars and training courses for students and doctoral candidates (5 days to 6 weeks)
  • study trips for groups of at least five students or doctoral candidates (max. 12 days)

Periods and deadlines

Application deadlines:
31 March of a given year for project start from 1 July of the same year,
30 September of a given year for project start from 1 January of the following year

Application procedure

To apply for assistance (except study trips) please fill in the Online Form "PROMOS" in the application portal. The form will be open for applications two months prior to the application deadline. Additionally to some baic information you are required to submit the following documents via the portal.

  • motivation letter explaining the purpose of the planned visit abroad in connection with the study course previously engaged in (max. 1 page)
  • curriculum vitae in table form
  • overview of previous examinations
  • copies of the newest diplomas
  • evidence of language skills, evidence of extracurricular commitments, evidence of preparatory measures (such as intercultural training, etc.)
  • for internships: confirmation letter from the prospective employer specifying the type of employment

To apply for assistance for group study trips (minimun five students/doctoral candidates) please submit the following documents in subsequent order (only one document, PDF, max. 2MB) to patrick.lajoie@zvw.uni-goettingen.de

  • a detailed description of the programme including time schedule
  • preparations with regard to the content (such as mandatory attendance of a seminar)
  • detailed financing plan
  • invitation letter from the foreign university/research institution
  • list of participants
  • list of participants

  • description of the module

  • For further details please refer to the PROMOS-scholarship award regulations

      Projects continuing to be eligible for direct assistance from DAAD
    • Students planning to go abroad for two semesters can still apply to DAAD for a one-year scholarship. (Link)
    • Doctoral candidates can still apply to DAAD for one-year or short-term scholarships to undertake study and research trips to foreign countries, as well as for travelling to conventions and for lecture tours. (Link)
    • DAAD also continues to grant short-term scholarships for internships at German foreign representations, international organisations, German schools in foreign countries and member institutes of DGIA (Foundation of German Humanities Institutes Abroad). (Link)
    • This also applies to travelling allowances for internships organised by IAESTE, AIESEC, bvmd (German Medical Students’ Association), ZAD (Dental Student Exchange Service) and DCGM (German Chinese Society of Medicine). (Link)

    Combination with other scholarships:
    Any scholarships from other sources will be deducted in full ; recipients of other scholarships are only eligible for a travelling allowance if these other scholarships do not include a special travelling allowance. Recipients of assistance under the international BAföG scheme are not eligible for a travelling allowance from PROMOS, since the assistance under BAföG for studies abroad already includes an allowance to cover travelling expenses.

    Successful candidates may receive monthly scholarship allowances and/or travelling allowances. The type of assistance to be granted in each case is decided by the university.