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Faculty of Economic Sciences
Chair of Information Management

Prof. Dr. Lutz M. Kolbe
Platz der Göttinger Sieben 5
37073 Göttingen

Phone +49 (0)551 / 39-4440
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2014-09-26: The chair will participate with four publications in ICIS 2014


Under the supervision of Prof. Kolbe, four full papers were written and have been accepted for the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2014 in Auckland, New Zealand. ICIS is the most prestigious gathering of academics and practitioners in the IS discipline.
Henning Krüp will held a presentation of his paper “It’s not for the money; it’s the motives – the mediating role of endogenous motivations on IT employees’ entrepreneurial behavior.” Matthias Eisel, Carolin Ebermann, Johannes Schmidt, and Ilja Nastjuk will discuss “Can Information Systems Reduce Stress? The Impact of Information Systems on Perceived Stress and Attitude.” Patrick Urbanke will present “A Unified Statistical Framework for Evaluating Predictive Methods.” Simon Trang and Sebastian Zander will talk about their research on “E-Business Adoption at the Firm Level: Comparing the Predictive Power of Competing IS Adoption Models.” The conference will take place in Auckland from December 14th to 17th. more...

2014-09-09: Accepted Article in Energy Policy

Energy Policy

The article “Assessing the potential of different charging strategies for electric vehicle fleets in closed transport systems” from Johannes Schmidt, Matthias Eisel and Lutz M. Kolbe was accepted for publication in Energy Policy.

In this article, controlled charging concepts are transferred to commercial fleets operating in closed transport systems, as this field of application is particularly well suited for the implementation of charging strategies. For that, data gata in a field experiment conducted in a European port using electric vehicles in combination with a battery-swapping station were analyzed to calculate the economic potentials of three charging scenarios: (1) optimizing energy procurement (2) trading load-shifting potential on control markets, and (3) a combination of the two. The findings indicate that all approaches are appropriate for reducing economic disadvantages of electric transport vehicles. Furthermore, we found that adjusting charging processes to avoid price peaks is more profitable than offering control reserve. Finally, focusing on the combination of both strategies seems to be most promising from an economic perspective. In this context, operational cost savings of more than 65% can be achieved compared to a similar dieselpowered vehicle when applying this strategy. more...

2014-09-03: New Project "SIPP" hits the road


Starting on September 1st, the Sustainable Mobility Research Group (SMRG) takes on a new project called „Smartes Intermodales Pendel Portal", in short SIPP. The aim of this project is to reduce CO2 emissions caused by the individual commute to work, specially concerning employees of the university and the clinical centre in Göttingen. Besides the strong ecological focus, the optimization of the parking situation around these places constitutes an additional major concern targeted by this project.
In order to achieve these goals, the SMRG in cooperation with the city administration will develop a mobility portal to allow commuters to arrange their travel to work by using car-pooling and/or enhanced public transportation services. These solutions are aided by innovative technologies and the interconnection of multiple devices and platforms. more...