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Faculty of Economic Sciences
Chair of Information Management

Prof. Dr. Lutz M. Kolbe
Platz der Göttinger Sieben 5
37073 Göttingen

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2014-07-02: Dr. Marrone wins the New South Wales (NSW) 2014 State iAward in Education

Dr. Marrone Award

Our former research associate Dr. Mauricio Marrone, now working at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, just won NSW 2014 State iAward in Education.

The award recognises the most successful and innovative application of ICT in education and training.
Dr. Marrone developed a game that helps introduce how international trade works, how trade influences the development of a country, and introduces topics such as supply and demand, trading, and tariffs. A video explaining the game can be watched here

The whole Chair of Information Management congratulates Dr. Marrone on his award.

2014-06-06: Five paper and one poster presentation at PACIS 2014


Under the supervision of Prof. Lutz Kolbe, the chair participates in the 18th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS 2014) with five full paper and one poster presentations.
Therry Ruch and Prof. Robert Gregory will present their research on "Consumerization of IT–Where is the Theory?" Simon Trang and Sebastian Zander will discuss their research on inter-organizational IT adoption and governance: "One Size Fits All? The Contingent Role of Centrality in IT Network Governance", "Examining IT Alignment in Inter Organizational Networks: Development and Application of a Measurement Instrument", and "Dimensions of Trust in the Acceptance of Inter-Organizational Information Systems in Networks: Towards A Socio-Technical Perspective." Nicky Opitz and Henning Krüp will talk about "Environmentally Sustainable Business Process Management–Developing A Green BPM Readiness Model" and finally present a poster on "How to Govern Your Green IT? Validating A Contingency Theory Based Governance Model."
The conference takes place in Chengdu, China from June 24-28, 2014. more...

2014-05-15: The SMRG at the Göttingen Climate Day

Klima Tag

On April 24th, the second Göttingen Climate Day was held at the Old Town Hall with over 100 visitors. The purpose was to inform the public about the latest news regarding climate protection projects in the area of Göttingen. Therefore, the SMRG participated with a booth for the showcase projects "e-Mobilität vorleben" and "eRadschnellweg Göttingen." During the event, the car-sharing company Stadt-Teil-Auto Göttingen offered test drives of the Volkswagen E-Up to allow visitors to experience the contents of the projects as closely as possible.