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Faculty of Economic Sciences
Chair of Information Management

Prof. Dr. Lutz M. Kolbe
Platz der Göttinger Sieben 5
37073 Göttingen

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2015-02-25: Information exchange between Frankfurt Airport and some members of the BESIC team

besic klein

We organized an information exchange between the Frankfurt Airport (Fraport and Lufthansa AG) and some members of the BESIC team (SMRG and the University of Oldenburg). The BESIC project's aim is to examine whether electric transport vehicles are a viable alternative to diesel-powered transport vehicles in closed transport systems. To develop recommendations on how to transfer the project’s results to further fields of application (e.g., airports or large cargo centers) we are in contact with several companies also using transport vehicles. Within the frame of the information exchange, we also had the opportunity to get special insights by participating in an individual airport tour. We hope our findings can make a small contribution to pave the way for the application of electric transport vehicles in many related areas.

2015-02-06: Final presentation as part of the Master Seminar in cooperation with the Volkswagen AG


Within the scope of the master seminar “Crucial Topics in Information Management”, three students presented their seminar paper at the Volkswagen AG.
The students investigated possible applications for digital technologies in cars for the Volkswagen AG. more...

2015-01-31: The chair will participate with four publications in WI 2015


Under the supervision of Prof. Kolbe, four full papers were written and will be presented at the 12th International Conference on Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI 2015) in Osnabrück, Germany. Andre Hanelt, Everlin Piccinini, Robert Gregory, Björn Hildebrand and Lutz Kolbe handed in a paper with the topic “Digital Transformation of Primarily Physical Industries - Exploring the Impact of Digital Trends on Business Models of Automobile Manufacturers”. Furthermore, the team of the SMRG asked the question is “Disruption on the Way? The Role of Mobile Applications for Electric Vehicle Diffusion”. Another topic the SMRG is working on is the development of benefit oriented business models. Therefore, Björn Hildebrandt, Andre Hanelt, Everlin Piccinini, Lutz Kolbe and Tim Nierobisch wrote a paper on “The Value of IS in Business Model Innovation for Sustainable Mobility Services - The Case of Carsharing”. The fourth paper, which has been handed in was written by Everlin Piccinini, Robert Gregory and Lutz Kolbe and has the title “Changes in the Producer-Consumer Relationship - Towards Digital Transformation”. The conference will take place in Osnabrück from March 4th to 6th. more...