Musikwissenschaftliches Seminar


Historical Musicology

Prof. Dr. Andreas Waczkat
Dr. Christine Hoppe
Sarah Avischag Müller, MSt.

DFG-funded Project »The Role of Music in the Monastic Reforms of Bursfelde«
Karen Thöle, M.A.
Yannick Brandenburg, M.A.

Guest lecturers
Tanja Spatz, M.A.
Dr. Christoph Wald
Tobias Wolff

Cultural Musicology

Prof. Dr. Birgit Abels
AOR Dr. Klaus-Peter Brenner
Charissa Granger, M.A.
Dr. Eva-Maria van Straaten

DFG-funded Project »Materiality and Knowledge. The Aesthetics of the Music Archive as an Institution«
Rasika Ajotikar, M.A.