Ecoinformatics, Biometrics and Forest Growth



Working area

winfried_kurthProf. Dr. Winfried KurthPlant modeling,
models of architecture and growth of trees including the development of description languages

Retired professor

Working area

branislav_slobodaProf. Dr. Dr. h.c. B. Sloboda Biometric models of forest dynamics, Spatial stand models


Working area

ilona_watelerIlona Watteler-SpangSecretariat

Scientific assistants

Working area

Wilfried HakesPD Dr. Wilfried HakesELearning-Project
Dr. Irina KuzyakovaDr. Irina KuzyakovaGeostatistics, Time series analysis
Qinqin LongQinqin LongFunctional-structural plant models, ecoinformatics,
software development, data modelling, simulation
reinhold_meyerDr. Reinhold MeyerAdministrator,
Network systems,
Computer pool support
rainer_schulzDr. Rainer Schulz Modeling of data of the forest site mappings of the states Lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia with GIS,
GIS consulting
Christoph StiehmStatistics in forestry,
modelling of short rotation coppice plantations,
structurals models
Aleksi TavkhelidzeMathematical foundations of modelling, upscaling, teaching image analysis and computer graphics


Working area

Dr. Sven Hentschel GIS workings, lectureships
Prof. Dr. Jürgen NagelProf. Dr. Jürgen Nagel Forest growth, Forest yield science
TreeGrOSS, BWinPro

Alumni (assortment)

Working area

Faustino Hilario ChiDr. Faustino Hilario ChiStructural-functional plant models, simulation of mangroves, data management
Dr. Andreas Dominik Cullmann Geostatistic: Estimation of conditional forecast error at the interpolation of forest data
Dr. Dieter Gaffrey Elastomchanics of trees,
causal and empirical shaft form models,
Stand, single tree growth and assortment models,
Digital meassure technics
michael_henkeDr. Michael HenkeModel description languages,
Models of structure and function of plants,
Pattern detection
Reinhard HemmerlingDr. Reinhard HemmerlingComputer graphics
Model description languages
Cao Thi Thu HienForest inventories
dirk_lanwertDr. Dirk Lanwertmodels of structure and functions of plants,
Student Advisory Service M.Sc./B.Sc. Ecoinformatics and PHD-Environmental Informatics
Nikolas von LüpkeDr. Nikolas von LüpkeSampling methods for forest inventories
felix_maderDr. Felix MaderDesign, development and implementation of a web-based information system SFB 552,
Spatial, gis-aided analysis of line transect samples,
SAS consulting,
GIS consulting
MerkleinDr. Johannes MerkleinGraph theory
, formal grammars,
functional-structural plant models,
Dr. Jens Nieschulze Design, development and implementation of a web-based information system SFB 552
robert_nuskeRobert NuskeAnalysis of digital hight models for the analysis of forest structures (gap patterns & dynamics),
GIS consulting(OpenSource),
R consulting
M.Sc. Yongzhi OngYongzhi OngModel description languages,
Multiscaled modelling
Tim RitterDr. Tim RitterResearch Data Management,
Geographic Information Systems,
Sampling techniques
joachim_saborowskiProf. Dr. J. SaborowskiGeostatistic and regionalization, Sampling methods and forest inventory
Katarina SmolenovaDr. Katarína Streit(Functional-) Structural models
Dr. Peter Surovy Sibylla Kartografer,
Terra Explorer
Dr. Jan C. ThieleBEST - Strengthening of Bioenergy Regions,
Decision Support System - Forest and Climate Change
Ditdit Nugeraha UtamaGrDitdit Nugeraha UtamaModels of structure and function of plants,
Multi-Criteria Optimization