SFB 755 - Nanoscale Photonic Imaging
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Tim Salditt

Spokesperson Prof. Dr. Tim Salditt

SFB 755 - Office
Eva Hetzel
Christine Wilke-Feist
Friedrich-Hund-Platz 1
D-37077 Göttingen
E-Mail: sfb755<at>gwdg.de
Phone: +49 (0)551/39-9391
Fax: +49 (0)551/39-9430



Welcome to the SFB755

    3. funding period 2015/2 - 2019/1
    2. funding period 2011/2 - 2015/1
    1. funding period 2007/2 - 2011/1

SFB755 aims at resolving structures and dynamics in space and time on the nanometer scale and on timescales extending over many orders of magnitude down to the femtosecond range.

The SFB755 is structured into three project groups:
A - Visible light beyond limits
B - Spectromicroscopy of complex fluids
C - X-ray optics and imaging


SFB 755 Colloquia/Seminar

X-ray microscopy: propagating, and wiring
October 20, 2016, Seminar room SR15, F.00.121
Chris J. Jacobsen
Argonne National Laboratory, USA

X-ray Microscopy: Past, Present, and Futur
Symposium on the occasion of Günter Schmahl´s 80th birthsday

October 21/22, 2016, Gauss-Weber Lecture Hall

Colloquium together with SFB 803
Structural Investigation of Single and Interacting Soft Interfaces with X-Rays and Neutrons
November 3, 2016, Faculty of Physics - Gauss-Weber Lecture Hall
Dr. Emanuel Schneck
Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces
Biomaterials Department
Potsdam, Germany

Title tba
November 10, 2016, Seminar room SR 15 IRP
Stephan Rauschenbach
Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research
Stuttgart, Germany

Title tba
December 01, 2016, Seminar room SR 15 IRP
Prof. PhD Alesandro Olivo
University College London, Dept. of Medical Physics & Biomedical Engineering

Title tba
January 26, 2017, Seminar room SR 15 IRP
Prof. Dr. Thorsten M. Buzug
University of Lübeck - Institute of Medical Engineering