SFB 755 - Nanoscale Photonic Imaging

    3. funding period 2015/2 - 2019/1
    2. funding period 2011/2 - 2015/1
    1. funding period 2007/2 - 2011/1

SFB755 aims at resolving structures and dynamics in space and time on the nanometer scale and on timescales extending over many orders of magnitude down to the femtosecond range.

The SFB755 is structured into three project groups:
A - Visible light beyond limits
B - Spectromicroscopy of complex fluids
C - X-ray optics and imaging

Funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

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SFB 755 Seminars

Thursday, June 13, 2019 (5 p.m.)
Julia Herzen (Technical University of Munich)
High-sensitivity quantitative X-ray phase-contrast imaging for biomedical applications (Host: Tim Salditt)

Stoßdämpfer für Zellen (Project B07)
(German only, featuring publication Viscoelastic properties of vimentin originate from nonequilibrium conformational changes

Google Maps für das Kleinhirn (Project C01)
(German only, featuring publication Three-dimensional virtual histology of human cerebellum by X-ray phase-contrast tomography

Software (Project B08)