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Veranstaltungen : Banners of Budapest - Demonstrations for and Against the Second Orbán Government (2010-2014)

Art der Veranstaltung Vortrag
Titel der Veranstaltung Banners of Budapest - Demonstrations for and Against the Second Orbán Government (2010-2014)
Referent Mihály Gyimesi, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Institut für Sozialwissenschaften

Kurze inhaltliche Beschreibung The Hungarian protest sector grew to a size unseen since the democratic transition during the years of the second Orbán government. Actors from all over the political spectrum became active in a wave of contention partly inspired by the international anti-austerity protest cycle. Still, this national peak of mobilization meant rather contained events attended by the politically most active. Democracy frames gained momentum with the large-scale left-liberal protests that were organized in defense of liberal democracy during the years when movements of the crisis in Europe mobilized precisely against its flaws. The subsequent pro-Orbán “Peace marches” produced the highest turnout rates, occasionally attracting around a hundred thousand participants. They reacted to oppositional and EU critiques of the new system of "illiberal democracy" by advocating a populist conception where the emerging will of the people is in focus instead of institutional settings. Another counter-frame against EU's objections to Fidesz's capture of democratic institutions posited that the real antidemocratic act is the transnational actor's pressure on a democratically elected government.
Why did masses fill Hungarian streets and squares to support Orbán, who was already unquestionably powerful, especially in times characterized internationally by dramatic expressions of popular discontent with political leaders?

Our guest speaker Mihály Gyimesi will attempt to identify causal mechanisms leading to the rise and fall of oppositional mobilization, and also to the related surge of the Pro-Government marches. He’ll rely on the preliminary results of his dissertation research that is based on protest event analysis and critical discourse analysis.

Mihály Gyimesi researches social movements as a doctoral candidate at the Berlin Graduate School of Social Sciences at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. He is currently a visiting PHD student at the Comenius University in Bratislava.
Zeit Beginn: 18.01.2017, 19:15 Uhr
Ort Zentrales Hörsaalgebäude, Platz der Göttinger Sieben 5, Hörsaal 003
Veranstalter Göttinger Institut für Demokratieforschung
Webseite http:///
Kontakt 0176 32099483
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