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They say that I am most unmanly: Gender and Courtly Love in Henry Suso (c. 1295-1366) and Richard Rolle (c. 1300-1349) 04.11.2014
New Fields of Technetium Chemistry: Innovations Start with Fundamental Research 04.11.2014
A Village Scandal and Democratic Imaginaries 05.11.2014
Family Policies and Family Dynamics: The Case of Sweden 05.11.2014
Action Dimension and L^2-homology 06.11.2014
Russian Orthodox Church in Contemporary Russia 06.11.2014
Fell Bundles in Noncommutative Geometry 06.11.2014
The Words of Mercury, the Songs of Apollo: Collaboration and the Making of Shakespeare 06.11.2014
Atomistic Simulation of Single Molecule Experiments: Molecular Machines and a Dynasome Perspective 10.11.2014
Dating and Reconstruction of Muslim Traditions 10.11.2014
Dubai and Singapore: Global City, Maritime Port or Merchant State? 10.11.2014
Propionibacterium acnes: genomes and phages 11.11.2014
Looking for Happiness in India: Intimacy, the Public Sphere, and Utilitarianism 12.11.2014
Exporting and the Transmission of Risk 12.11.2014
Mechanisms and Sources of Soil Priming Effects 12.11.2014

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