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Microscopic derivation of Ginzburg-Landau Theory 01.12.2014
Die Rolle der Zivilgesellschaft in Charkiw im Rahmen des Reformprozesses in der Ukraine 01.12.2014
Southern Theories of Masculinity 02.12.2014
Structural and functional characterization of multipartite genomes of Paracoccus spp. (Alphaproteobacteria) 02.12.2014
Multivariate Christoffel functions and hyperinterpolation 02.12.2014
Maoism, Democracy and Globalisation: Cross-Currents in Indian Politics 03.12.2014
Fungal chemical defence against grazers: inducibility, environmental modifiers and unanswered questions 03.12.2014
Serbian Church and Europe on the Threshold of the Third Millennium? 04.12.2014
The Death of a Prophet. Vorstellung und Kritik einer neuen Deutung zur islamischen Urgeschichte nach christlich-orientalischen Quellen 04.12.2014
Cold and controlled collisions using Stark-decelerated 04.12.2014
Greeks on the Bay of Naples: Cumae in the Geometric and Archaic Period after the Latest Excavations 08.12.2014
Teaching the Shariah in Palestine. Discourses about legislation in family law 08.12.2014
Elocutionary Incandescence: Charisma, Oratory, and Revolution in Provincial South India 10.12.2014
Long term fate of pesticides in soil 10.12.2014
Epigenetic remodeling regulates human NK cell differentiation and memory 10.12.2014

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