Juniorprofessur für Internationale Makroökonomik

Juniorprofessur für Internationale Makroökonomik

Research interests

» Computational Economics

» Dynamic Macroeconomics

» Political Economy


Lobbying (Strategically Appointed) Bureaucrats, Constitutional Political Economy, 26(2): 171-189 (2015)

Incomplete Contracts as a Screening Device in Competing Vertical Inter-Firm Relationships (with M. Sicoli), Revue d'Économie Industrielle, 147: 141-181 (2014)

Generalized Adaptive Expectations Revisited, Economics Letters, 120(2): 203-205 (2013)

Model Reference Adaptive Expectations in Markov-Switching Economies (with F. Carravetta), Economic Modelling, 32(1): 551-559 (2013)

A Note on Information Flows and Identification of News Shocks Models, Journal of Economics and Econometrics, 56(1): 28-38 (2013)

Robust Delegation with Uncertain Monetary Policy Preferences, Economic Modelling, 30(1): 73-78 (2013)

News Shocks or Parametric Indeterminacy? An Observational Equivalence Result in Linear Rational Expectations Models, Economics Letters, 114(2): 198-200 (2012)

Corruption in a Neoclassical Growth Model with a Non-Convex Production Function: Comment, International Review of Economics, 59(3): 315-319 (2012)

The Role of the Judiciary in the Public Decision-Making Process (with G. Albanese), Economics & Politics, 24(1): 1-23 (2012)

A "Nearly Ideal" Solution to Linear Time-Varying Rational Expectations Models (with F. Carravetta), Computational Economics, 35(4): 331-353 (2010)

A Note on Kalman Filter Approach to Solution of Rational Expectations Models, Economics Bulletin, 30(3): 2002-2009 (2010)

Lobbying-consistent Delegation and Sequential Policy Making, Economics Bulletin, 30(4): 3088-3102 (2010)

On the Empirical Separability of News Shocks and Sunspots, Notas Económicas, 32: 44-55 (2010)

On the Production Function for Italy (with G. Albanese), Rivista Internazionale di Scienze Sociali, 118(4): 401-416 (2010)

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