Fast Track Diagnostics S.à.r.l.

Fast Track Diagnostics (FTD), a Siemens Healthineers company, is a global supplier of Molecular Diagnostics solutions, covering all the major infectious disease groups based on the syndromic approach (respiratory infections, gastroenteritis, meningitis, etc.).

Founded in 2006, FTD has since experienced exponential growth and success. Today FTD assays detect over 140 targets.

In 2016, FTD* developed lyophilised real-time PCR kits including all the primers, probes, enzymes and buffers required in a single patient sample tube. In 2017, the Fast Track lyophilised kits were awarded the “Advanced Healthcare Solutions” prize by the Luxembourg Healthcare Summit, recognising the team’s achievement in the development of innovative healthcare products.

FTD strives to deliver quality and innovative solutions for the benefit of patients. In May 2018, FTD launched the Fast Track cycler (FTC)**, the new standardised diagnostic solution fully tailored to the Fast Track lyophilised kits. Using the cutting-edge Magnetic Induction technology, the FTC allows low to mid throughput laboratories to easily increase their efficiency and improve their workflows, leading to robust and reliable results.

Since early 2018, Fast Track Diagnostics´ kits are available on FastFinder, the real-time PCR interpretation platform from UgenTec.

*FTD and FastFinder are CE marked for IVD use in the EU. Availability may vary by country.
**Fast Track cycler is for Research Use Only.

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