Bachelor and Master Theses

Procedure regarding the Application for Bachelor- and Master Theses

We offer the opportunity to register your master and bachelor thesis 4 times a year. Closing dates for application are: 15th January, 15th April, 15th July, 15th October. For general information on registration, procedure, and submission, please refer to the examination regulations. Please also see the homepage of the examination office for further information (Link).

In order to ensure a smooth administration of applications, each applicant has to fill out or enclose the institute’s application form, a short CV, grade overview (FlexNow hardcopy is sufficient) and a research proposal (the research proposal is only required if you want to work on your own topic). Please submit these documents to the secretary of the institute via email an

Institute application form

Topic selection and exposé

If your application is accepted and you agree with your supervisor on a specific topic (see our topic over view below), then apply officially at the examination office. Please obtain the official application document at the examination office (“Antrag auf Zulassung zur Abschlussarbeit”) and submit it to your supervisor.

Academic standards

Regarding the formatting, please refer to the thesis guidelines:
Seminar and Theses Guidelines


Master students are required to present the progress at the chair. Your supervisor will inform you about the specific date.

Bachelor and Master Theses

  • Methods in expatriate research (BA/MA; German or English language)
  • Mothers returning to work (BA/MA; German or English language)
  • Expatriate knowledge transfer: A systematic literature review (BA; German or English language)

Contact: Prof. Dr. Dr. Fabian J. Froese

  • Own topic in the areas of expatriation management and diversity management. Please provide a one-page essay of your research topic and related questions. Master theses have to be empirical and are expected to be written in English.

Contact: Dr. Sebastian Störmer

  • Chinese entrepreneurs in Germany (BA/MA, German or English language)
  • Measures of success of internet start-ups (BA/MA; qualitative; German or English language)
  • Employee satisfaction in start-ups (BA/MA; German or English language)

Contact: Sonja Kristin Franzke

  • Graduates’ perceived employability (BA; Literature review; English language)

Contact: Ni Liu

  • Expatriates' behavior adjustment in the host country (BA; Literature review; German or English language)

Contact: Julia Schmid

  • Individual experiences of inpatriates in Germany (BA/MA; qualitative; German or English language)
  • Knowledge acquisition and knowledge transfer of repatriates (BA/MA; quantitative; German or English language)

Contact: Fedor Portniagin