Equal Opportunities Office

Dorothea Schlözer Postdoctoral Program for female postdocs

Call for applications

The presidential board of the Göttingen University Public Law Foundation offers support for young academics in the form of positions for female postdocs.

In 2018 there are

3 positions (TV-L 13, 100%, term of 2 years), one of which at the University Medical Center (UMG),

offered. The positions are scheduled to start on October 1st 2018.

These positions are awarded on the basis of a project proposal and shall give an opportunity to further develop independent research and prepare future third-party funding. The development of an individual research profile and relevant academic skills is considered part of this process. The placement holders will be supported in professional orientation and career development through workshops.

Application requirements

Those eligible to apply are female postdocs in an early postdoc phase, who conduct a research project at the Georg-August-University (including the University Medical School) or plan to do so in one of the following faculties:

− Faculty of Humanities
− Faculty of Theology
− Faculty of Law
− Faculty of Economic Scienes
− Faculty of Social Sciences
− Medical Center (UMG)

The doctoral procedure (thus the date of the thesis' disputation) should not have terminated more than two years before the application. If the doctorate has been received more than two years ago, an application is still not ruled out, though. In that case the applicant should, however, include a statement on this matter. You should, however, include a statement on this matter.

The Dorothea Schlözer Postdoc Program (formerly Dorothea Schlözer Fellowship Program) is part of the Dorothea Schlözer Program. The program was set up by Göttingen University in April 2009 to promote equal opportunities and diversity of personnel at the Göttingen research campus.

The positions will be awarded by the Presidential Board. There are options for part-time work and contract extensions for scientists with caretaking responsibilities (for children or relatives).

The application deadline was April 8th 2018.

See here for a list of documentation to be provided.

Applications will only be accepted through the online portal. After submitting your application you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt via e-mail.

Applicants will be informed about the board's decision by the end of July.

Please note:
By accepting the position, the position holder commits to report on her research progress regularly, take up offers for further training opportunities (especially the Dorothea Schlözer Qualification and Mentoring Programm), and participate in evaluation procedures. The position also includes teaching responsibilities of four semester periods per week (research oriented teaching as well as teaching that usefully complements your own teaching portfolio).