Faculty of Chemistry

Equal opportunities activity of the Faculty of Chemistry

Equal opportunities for all members and supporting diversity is the aim of the Faculty of Chemistry. We currently have a team of five women lead by spokeswoman Gabriele Keil-Knepel as equal opportunities commissioner. In addition to the legally stipulated tasks and tasks specified in the basic principles of the university, the equal opportunities team initiates activities and projects in this area and supports faculty members. The voluntary work of the team is especially supported by the faculty. Thus, the support of equal opportunities work is an important aspect in the field of work of faculty officer Mrs. Trzeciok.

The faculty sees equality and diversity as holistic task in addition to the institutionalised work tackled in all departments of the faculty. Only when all members are offered the same opportunities regardless of gender, origin and cultural identity, the faculty can be successful in the long term. This applies to research and teaching as well as the management level and service offices. Creating equal opportunities is only possible from the faculty's point of view when work environment and work conditions are attractive for all groups and when career and family life are compatible as best as possible. It is the joint task of all faculty members to create these conditions.

If you would like to get regular information about the equal opportunities work of the faculty and corresponding events, please contact a member of our equal opportunities team or the deanery

Equal opportunities team

Coordinator, spokeswoman:
Gabriele Keil-Knepel
Institute of Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry
Tel.: 39-33201

Dr. Regine Herbst-Irmer
Institute of Inorganic Chemistry
Tel. 39-33007

Susanne Peter
Studentische Vertreterin
Tel.: 39-33417

Nelli Teske
student representative
Tel. 39-33417

Heike Rohmann
Institute of Physical Chemistry
Tel.: 39-33107 / 39-12596